Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

One of the most iconic portraits of Coco Chanel more than 50 years ago shows her wearing layered strands of pearls.   While pearl trends in fashion have changed over the years, one thing is clear...pearls have been freed from the straight-laced and the stuffy, and are now worn with a heavy dose of contemporary cool.  

With designers from Gucci to David Yurman focusing on their pearl designs of late, I found some of the most interesting pearl jewelry in Santa Fe and Nashville, and have been starting to work it into the What A Girl Wants Collection.  What I like about it most is you can dress it up or wear it with jeans.  Either way it looks great, and I guarantee someone you don’t even know will approach you to tell you how much they love your necklace.  Get ready, someone will want to buy it off your neck.  Trust me, it happens to me every week.

TrendsDebbie Kaminer